Tony Avila
art director


b. 1986, HK.

Howdy. I'm Tony.

How I think I look.

How I think I look.

How I actually look.

How I actually look.


I grew up thinking I'd be a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, Major League Baseball told me that I was just too good and that my shear presence on the field made for an unfair advantage over all the other players. Thrice, I tried to tell them that I could simply play at minimal effort, but my athletic ability was still far superior and I eventually had to retire from baseball all together.

Luckily for you though, I chose to go into advertising/marketing and now try to live vicariously through the stories I tell with brands. 

My baseball career may have been cut short, but what I learned from my years of playing is that through good old fashioned teamwork, anything is possible....

...unless you win the lottery. Then you can pretty much do everything by yourself.

THe short version:

American history nerd
Diehard Washington Nationals fan
Elvis Presley enthusiast
Native Northern Virginian (people from NoVA will understand how rare that is)
Tacos in my tummy make me happy

The Long Version:

Well here it goes...

My name is Tony Avila. Many people often mistake me for being Italian and I'm left with the unfortunate task of explaining that I am not Italian. I'm half-Cuban. My Dad and family moved to the US back in the 60's when this dude named Castro decided that he wanted to change some things.

I'm the son of a high school P.E. teacher/basketball coach/football coach, so as you can imagine sports were ingrained in me  from conception. I played baseball for 11 years and I'm a diehard Washington Nationals fan. So much so that it's actually become more of an obsession. I actually went to the extent of signing up for some "yoga in the park" thing (not my cup of tea) just so I could go on the field....and steal some of the grass (pictures below).

When I'm not watching sports, I'm usually researching some American history thing.