Tony Avila
art director


A lot of people believe in the idea that hard work makes people better. We've all heard the age-old sayings like "hard work builds character," or  "there's nothing like a hard day's work." 

You could work hard, but with Bobcat you don't have to. 


Bobcat Claw Game

A full-scale model of a Bobcat that allows people to operate it and dig up prizes.


Bobcat Sandbox

Why not start a whole new generation of Bobcat fans? 


Bobcat + Carhartt Butt Extension

The hardest part of working with a Bobcat is sitting all day. That's why we created padded overalls to lighten the load.


Bobcat Danglers

Now you can annoy literally everyone at the job site with the "Trucker Nuts" version for Bobcats.


Bobcat Whip Flags

Maybe the Danglers aren't your thing. Whip flags are another cool way to customize your digging machine.